Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My Drunk Uncle is from Micronesia

Hi everyone. Transfers were this week, but thank the good Lord I am still in Silver City! I don't have to head to the summer heat in Arizona yet. Yay!  Elder Jackson and I picked up our new companion, Elder Edward, to complete our trio. He is an awesome guy. He's from Micronesia, (it's in the South Pacific if you didn't know).  I have a funny story of a 'drunk uncle from Micronesia' I'll tell you later. All three of us have been doing well together. It seems I was meant to be part of a trio, like I've been prepared for this my whole life.  Haha. JK.  Its fine.

This last week has been hectic and filled with service as always! Ah... I love doing service. Anything to get me out of the white shirt and tie is fine by me. Anyways, more about Elder Edward. He has been pretty lucky coming from Arizona, to New Mexico, the land of enchantment! Much better weather during the summer. But when he arrived, it was pouring rain like cats and dogs. We have a 2017 Tacoma truck as our vehicle (not to brag) and so as we drove him from town we had his suitcases in the back bed of the truck and his stuff got soaked.... But lord almighty his scriptures were in tact! Miracles! 

On a more missionary minded tangent, our investigator Bob will be getting baptized this Saturday! Let's gooooo!!! Yay. I'm so excited for him. He has been waiting for this for a while, and he is more than ready to become a member. 

Other than that there's nothing more to say. Maybe next week will be a little more spiritual. Oh!  While doing some service this week we found this creepy severed doll head, and we've been playing tag with it. Basically we try to put it in the other elders truck bed without them noticing, and they try to put it back in ours. Don't judge me, we have to find new things to keep us entertained haha. Oh and we almost got shot this week, so that was cool. Anyways, over and out! 

One of our bug battles we hold 
The baby horned toad I named "Henry".  I kept him in my pocket all day this week. 

Love, Elder West

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