Friday, February 24, 2017

First week MTC

I can't believe it's already been a week in here! The first few days were the longest days of my life, but now its all just one big blur. I also had my first Sunday here in the 'ol MTC, very interesting. No one is scheduled to talk, they just choose people to go up out of the blue in our zone to talk for a few minutes on a specific topic, luckily the Lord was looking out for me because they didn't choose me haha. Choir practice was also on Sunday, no I am not an amazing singer now. Everyone else just drowns out my awful singing, but I still enjoy being there. We also got to see the Easter Mormon Message before anyone else will, boo yah! They're doing another hashtag thing like the Christmas one we had, it's going to be #PrinceofPeace. 

Me and my companion Elder Lawrence (or Law) had our first lessons with our TRC investigators. We don't know if they are members pretending to be investigating or actual people looking for the gospel. Either way we are doing well and teaching lessons is so fun! I love it. One of our lessons had to be cancelled because he was stuck in the snow and his tire had burst, ouch. Our Sisters are doing well in our district, and I love having them. They leave us little notes on our desks in class every morning to inspire us and they say "secret sister" underneath. They are the best! Our Zone Leaders left and we had a tie exchange this week where we all put a tie in a box, and randomly choose one that others had put in. My tie is pretty sweet that I got, and it was my companions tie haha! While we were getting garments the other day for Elder Law, this one guy stopped us and gave us some lessons. He said some inspirational stuff, but it was extremely bad timing because we had to RUN to get to our lessons afterwards. Good teaching, horrible timing. 

Today we got to go to the Temple, but were very limited on time because me and Law had to go to Best Buy and fix his tablet (spoiler, it didn't get fixed). But Elder Rogers thought we wouldn't make it back in time to exercise, boy was he wrong! I set a timer before we left and said we could make it back in an hour and fifteen minutes.... it took an hour and twelve ha! Take that Rogers! Me and Law hugged it out after because we wanted to prove him wrong. Not the best intention before going to the temple but we did it. Like I said before, everyday is kinda blurring together, their will be more next Friday on my P-Day.

Love Elder (Best) West

Sunday, February 19, 2017

First MTC Letter

Hey everyone, this is Elder West! The past couple of days have been amazing, everyone is so nice and thoughtful. My companion Elder Lawrence is really cool, and he is going to serve in the Arizona Tucson Mission too! My other roomies are Elder Wallis and Elder Rogers. We all are very fun going people, so I think I can sleep fine without having to worry if one of them will strangle me during the night haha. Our first day was jam packed, I didn't have a lot of time to think about home or anything else; all I could think about was the Lord and His work. Besides my companion, Elder Wallis is going to serve in Tucson also. His companion will be going to New York, New York South. 

My district is small, but we have been able to become very close because of it. Our sisters are softhearted and loving, they have a special place in my heart. None of them are going to Arizona sadly, but I know we will stay in touch. Every day is kinda the same, we go through the same schedule. The only thing that changes are the lessons and the food haha. All of us in our district got callings, and I have the wonderful opportunity to be the District Leader while I'm here in the MTC. It will be a great blessing to be able to serve these wonderful Elders and Sisters. 

During lunch the other day, a sister accidentally tripped and fell and her chocolate milk splashed on my white shirt! She was alright, but my shirt (RIP) has to be cleaned up good. 

I've definitely seen a change in myself in the short amount of time I've been here. I'm beginning to find a love for the people around me like I've never had before. And I know it is because of the intense spirit that is felt here. There is no better place to prepare to serve, and I will make it a point to work as hard as I can.