Monday, June 5, 2017

Goodbye Dad

Much has happened since last P-Day. My Dad is gone (my trainer Elder VanSweden, not my real Dad). He got transferred to Thatcher, Arizona, which is in a biking area, haha and right before summer too!  Poor guys. My new companion is Elder Jackson,and is super cool. He asked to be transferred here from his AP leadership position in Tucson. I've learned a lot with him so far, and I am excited to see what more his 22 months in the mission filed has brought him. He's going to go home after this area, so I will be his last companion.

We are pretty good buds already, and BOTH of us also have a real drive to get the work moving here in Silver City. We are going to have a baptism this Friday for our investigator Brad who I've been meeting with and teaching for a while. In fact he has been seeing the missionaries for many years. It's exciting to see the change people have as they apply the gospel in their lives. Brad has been a testament to me of the importance of keeping yourself worthy and staying in this gospel. Nothing else in this world can bring you as much happiness as being a dedicated member in the LDS church. 

This week I went tracking for the first time. It's extremely ineffective, but for the hour we dedicate a week towards knocking on doors, it shows that we are willing to do anything to find those who are ready and willing to receive our message. We struck out on every door, no one wanting to hear us except for one old man. He probably felt bad for us, because it started to rain. Our visit didn't result in much.  But my dedication towards God is what we needed out of that hour. 

I've seen an increase in my drive to do hard things, and more focus in the work. I've been able to finish my study (and it was study, not just reading) of the Book of Mormon. There is so much more I can learn from it, and I invite you all to read it... if any one is even reading this. There is no other book that can bring you closer to our Heavenly Father than the BofM. Thank you all, and remember who brought you here.

Love, Elder West

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